Piss Together
Sketch written for Sketch Cram at UCB Hell’s Kitchen. Performed May 2018.

Inspirational Coach
Sketch written for sketch team Please Clap Tarantino at the Reckless Theater. Performed March 2017.

Les Miz Harmonies
Sketch written for Boogiemanja team Strongman Douglas at the PIT Loft. Performed June 2016.

Alfred Hitchcock Loves Lucy
Sketch written for Flying Blind: The Show Where The Actors Have No Idea What Their Next Line Will Be sketch show at the PIT Loft. Performed May 2016.

Zango's Crew
Semi-finalist for NYC Midnight Screenwriting Challenge, 2016. Genre: Sci Fi. Topic: World War III. Character: Army General. Submitted and reviewed May 2016.

Science Town Hall
Topical sketch written for Sktch Shw at the PIT. Performed December 2015.

Marco Polo
Sketch written for UCB 301 Performance at UCB Chelsea. Performed October 2015.